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On a Shameless Plug…..

So while reading and writing consume my life, I just want to take a few moments, as well as a few words, to put in a shameless plug for a friend’s podcast.  Why not? We creative types need to stick together and help promote each other’s works!

I will admit that the most shameless part is that I take part a few episodes.  But what is the podcast you ask? It’s called Van Damme That’s Good.  I have also attached the official website which includes my friend’s fantastic posters for each episode.

But what are these episodes for?  Well, are you familiar with Mystery Science Theater 3000 or MST3K? If are not, either click the link to a short YouTube video or just know that essentially has a man, a robot, and an alien who sit in a theatre watching terrible movies and make fun of them.  I use to do this sort game in college.  We called it Bad Movie Night.  Netflix has a goldmine of these kinds of movies.  I highly recommend if you do this sort of thing with a group of friends because doing it alone is just kind of sad.  However, if you really must try this and find yourself alone…well, that’s what this podcast is for.  Each episode consists of our hosts: Zach and Chris as well as a third guest host who picks a well loved but terrible movie for them to make fun of.  The episode I am in is for the movie Legend.  I just finished another episode this last Monday for Ninja III: The Domination

How the podcast works is simple, simply start the podcost and listen for the introductions as well as an anecdote about why this movie was chosen.  Then start the movie as the hosts do (you’ll hear the movie) and just listen to the hilarity.  It’s fun, I promise.

Did I also mention that these episodes are free?

Give it a shot when you have a chance.  I enjoy partaking in Bad Movie because it involves being witty on your feet.  It’s not writing, but it is a creative outlet.

To all you writers out there… you have other creative outlets besides writing that help fulfill your creative needs?