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On Sailor Scouts and Heroes’ Journeys….

I started writing Volocio when I was about thirteen.  When I started
to write it, I was literally just writing down my daydreams, the
adventures I wanted to have.  My two obsessions at such a young age
were Star Wars and Sailor Moon.

SMVolume1” by Book. [1]. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

What I loved about Sailor Moon was the power over the elements,
reincarnation, fighting evil by the moonlight, winning love by
daylight, and finding your true love against insurmountable odds.  Of
course my favorite Sailor Scout is still Sailor Jupiter (this is why
my main character Rei can wield lightning)  It’s also interesting that
Sailor Moon has been re-released in a new version.  I am twenty-eight
now but I feel like I am thirteen again.

Sailor Jupter 01.jpg
Sailor Jupter 01“. Via Wikipedia.

On the other hand, what I loved about Stars Wars I later learned came
from Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero with a Thousand Face.’  I mean the
architypes you find in most classic epics.  There’s the hero’s
journey.  You can take a look at this awesome chart I found.

Heros JourneyYou can compare this with a lot of epics.  You will find that, for the
most part, they fit. Try is now with ‘The Matrix,’ ‘The Hobbit,’
‘Divergent,’ ‘Narniva,’ and ‘Song of the Lioness.’ They work because
the writer intentionally or unintentionally drew from the architypes
to give you the story you are familiar with.

If you are not familiar with Joseph Campbell then I highly recomment
that you either pick up ‘Hero with a Thousand Faces’ or (if you can
find it) the PBS interview with Joseph Campbell called ‘The Power of Myth.’

Very cool stuff! You will learn a lot.

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On ‘Song of the Lioness…’

Reading is just as important to writing as the actual act of writing. The goal is to read good writing because you can pick up some bad habits while reading badly written works. I decided to create this segment to talk about books that I have read that inspired me to write my current projects.

Occasionally I will also delve into a movie or tv show that also help inspire me.

So for this first segment I decided to start with the book series that really started it all: the “Song of the Lioness” quartet by Tamora Pierce.

I first read this series when I was twelve and I was absolutely hooked. The story follows Alanna of Trebond as she takes it upon herself to become the first female knight in several centuries in the world of Tortall. The four books in the series allows the reader to watch her grow from a young stubborn child to a grown woman.

I have read the series over and over again since I was twelve and the story does not get old. Pierce writes this coming of age story where our heroine not only accepts herself as a warrior, but as a woman, and a magical being. She learns to accept her faults and her imperfections while working with her strengths and weaknesses. Alanna was a great role model for me as a twelve year old.

But Pierce did not stop there.

After she wrote the “Song of the Lioness,” Pierce dove further into the world of Tortall to write the “Immortals” quartet, then the “Protector of the Small” quartet, and then the “Daughter of the Lioness” books. Each series took place later in the series and Alanna would return in each one even if she was not the main character.

I love those kind of books. It makes the world that much richer for me. I feel like I truly know Alanna because I watched her grow up and I grew up with her.

I wanted to write an opus like that. My Volocio books take place in the same world and the same characters may not play a main role but they are still around even if in spirit.

Pierce is a big reason why my world is so big.

What about you who are also familiar with Pierce’s work? If you like her works, what are your favorite books? If not, I would love to know your thoughts. All opinions are welcome.