More than just Volocio out here…

Rebirth Trilogy

This is one of my many ongoing projects. This is one half of a larger opus. I actually started writing The Rebirth Trilogy first but then decided that my world was big and complicated that I should go back and build it from scratch as well as explore the origins of my heroes in the latter half. You will find the origins in The Volocio Trilogy.

If you click on each of the links, they should take you to a small sample of each work (Links to be made available soon)

Please note that these are still works in process so they may not have been fine tuned.

Book 1: Volocio

The Tears of God have long disappeared, giving way to what is now the Dominion of Tyre. Here the Volocio are considered the gods of their religion with many devout followers of Manden the God King and his Queen Mica. It is here the real Manden Walt goes in search of the reincarnations of his friends long dead. He has waited two thousand years for their return in order to finish what they had started. But Civil War between the Dominion and Nation is keeping them from returning to Tas’und’eash.

Book 2: Endgara

After a catastrophic blow to the Nationalists, the Volocio have been scattered a crossed the stars. Rei, Manden, and Artema find themselves in Tas’und’eash; Arram is captured and must confront his brother’s killer; Thron must decide what path to take; Bronx travels to the depths of the Land of the Dead; and Crona tries to root out the traitor that cost the Nation many lives.

Book 3: Tears of God

All paths converge as the Volocio unite to prepare for the final battle between the Dominion and Nation, the Volocio and the humans, the Dinay and the Shining Path.


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