More than just Volocio out here…

On Reality…

Hey all, sorry it’s been awhile. Work has been crazy…hell…life has been crazy. I am still writing a lot but I noticed that I had not checked in with you guys for a hot minute.

I am still working on the first draft of this current project. Every time I think I got the overall story down, more ideas come flooding into my head. *sigh* I will get there. I should have a good couple day break coming up in the holidays. I will be heading back to Indiana to visit with family and friends. I also need to catch up on studying German.

But that’s really what this writing passion is about: learning to balance between duty and what you love. What you need to do versus what you want to do. Obviously I would love to write more but there’s that pesky job that cuts into at least 8 hours of the day (not to mention the 45 minute commute each way) along with everything else that needs to be done (cooking, cleaning, dog stuff, German stuff, hitting the gym) that at the end you are so frazzled that when you try to sit down and write, you find that you can’t.

What do you guys do to ensure you reach your own personal writing quota of the day?

I will try to write more often. Until then…



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